Whitemarsh Community Ambulance Association was established in 1956 with an idea and a $10 donation from a concerned township resident. The charter members Norman H. Wooley (President), A. Leon Feder (Vice President), Thomas White (Vice President), Edwin L. Anderson (Secretary), Geoffrey S. Smith Jr. (Treasurer) and A. Fred Spaeth purchased our first ambulance from Ambler using the $10 donation as a down payment.

On May 30, 1956 at 02:15 am we received our 1st ambulance dispatch for a motorcycle accident on Germantown Pike.
The crew members that worked our inaugural dispatch were Norman Wooley (driver), Harold Cripe (Aide) and George Fink (Aide). The patient was transported to Chestnut Hill Hospital.

In 1956 our services were requested 30 times... In 2013 our services were requested 1800 times. We have grown from having a used Cadillac ambulance to operating 3 fully stocked Advanced Life support Ambulances.